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Bergami model AS120 Horizontal Intermittent Motion Automatic Reverse Tuck Cartoner - 80341
Bergami model AS120 Horizontal Intermittent Motion Automatic Reverse Tuck Cartoner
- Automatic feeder for tubes into adjustable buckets on 3-1/8" centers
- Leaflet inserter
- Dekker Vacuum pump
- 6.25" fixed centers on carton feeder belt
- Set for a 6.75" long x 1.5" wide x 1-1/8" deep carton
- Serial#604 built 2008
- Overall dimensions 12-ft long x 62" wide
- 220 volts
- Any single piston tube filler can be placed in front of this cartoner. As the tubes exit the tube filler/sealer they will slide into the belt infeed and then enter the buckets on the infeed
- Carton transport system coonsists of scratch-proof white plastic toothed belts to insure package integrity, wven with high gloss finish cartons.
- Works well handling fragile products with intermnal liners
- Size range: Length 45-200, Width 20-120 mm, Height 25-80 mm
- Output: up to 120 CPM
Serial Number: 604
Location: iNJ
Crate Dimensions:
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