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Starch Mogul Machines

A starch mogul is a special machine used primarily in the confectionery and neutraceutical industries to manufacture items such as gummy bears, jelly bean centers, marshmallow and fondant shapes, and other starch based candies. Manufacturers of starch mogul machines include NID, Winkler & Dunnebier, National, Bosch, and FastTrack.The mogul uses either wood or fiberglass starch trays. The empty tray is filled with corn starch. The starch is then compressed flat. A printing device leaves an impression or mold in the starch of a desired shape or design. A depositor than fills these cavities with product such as gummy material, marshmallow, fondant, jelly products and other similar items. The trays are then automatically stacked in a stacking device onto a common dolly. The dolly with the trays is then rolled into drying rooms overnight to allow the product to cure. The next day the filled trays are placed in the tray loader. The tray loader loads a filled tray into the mogul. The filled tray is inverted and the cured candy and starch are dumped out of the tray and go through a sifter. The starch is kept in the mogul and used to fill more trays. The candy is separated from the starch and runs through a brush type cleaner and then exits the mogul. After the mogul some products are steamed and then enter a sugar sanding drum to cover the candy with sugar. Gummy bear vitamins are very popular in the marketplace today. They are made on a starch mogul in the same method as listed above.

Benefits of using a Starch Mogul

Starch moguls remove all the manual labor involved with making gummie and fondant based products. They allow the user to make many different shape and size pieces with using only set of starch trays.

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